Multidisciplinary, Multisystem Approach

Though research on TMJ disorders is in its infancy and there is much more to be learned, recent research results have demonstrated that TMJ disorders are complex medical conditions that involve multiple body systems, rather than just a localized jaw condition. The cardiovascular, neurological, immunological, digestive, respiratory, endocrine and musculoskeletal systems contribute to the onset, development and/or persistence of TMJ disorders, as well as influence treatment outcomes. 

Cumulatively, these findings call for a paradigm shift in the research, understanding and care of TMJ patients toward an interdisciplinary, multisystem approach. Clearly, the explosion of this new information indicates that we must transform TMJ patient care to align with what science dictates, necessitating the inclusion of numerous health care specialties.

CME Opportunity for Clinicians

We invite you to participate in the following educational opportunity on chronic overlapping pain conditions.

Chronic Overlapping Pain Conditions

The Chronic Pain Research Alliance, an initiative of The TMJ Association, in partnership with the International Pelvic Pain Society, developed the Continuing Medical Education (CME) program on Chronic Overlapping Pain Conditions (COPCs) titled, “A Biopsychosocial Approach to the Clinical Management of Chronic Overlapping Pain Conditions.”

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the course’s PowerPoint slide set and corresponding slide notes for teaching purposes, please contact CPRA’s Director, Christin Veasley by email (