First Patient-Led Project

TMJ RoundTable MeetingActing as the catalyst to advance the needs of patients with TMJ implants, TMJA developed the TMJ Patient-led RoundTable (RT) – a patient-centered, public-private collaboration among the federal government, scientists, clinicians, dentists, advocates, manufacturers and others.

The RT was originally developed to understand why some TMJ patients improve with implant surgery, while others worsen. Since, it has evolved into a comprehensive initiative to understand all aspects of TMJ disorders including risk factors, disease mechanisms, clinical treatment practices – and how these interact to affect patient outcomes for all treatments. The goal is to establish a scientifically valid roadmap that can reliably predict treatment outcomes for individual patients.

The RT is the first patient-led project of the Medical Device Epidemiology Network (MDEpiNet), a public-private partnership developed to bring real world data and patient experiences together with a broad array of experts to conduct studies aimed at improving outcomes for implant patients worldwide.

The Patient-Led RoundTable (RT) Working Groups have developed the following reports:

A unique aspect of the RT is that it is patient-centered. As such, we invite you – TMJ patients – to get involved. Your participation can range from participating in surveys from home to participating in meetings and advocacy efforts in Washington DC. Please join us and be part of the solution!  Register with us as a patient advocate and join the RoundTable.