Interprofessional Education Model

Following the publication of the 2020 National Academies report on Temporomandibular Disorders, The TMJ Association collaborated with the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) to address a key recommendation from the report: “interprofessional education that teaches dentists and physicians about the unique knowledge and skills that each brings to the table and prepares them to work together as a team” – in the treatment of TMD patients. 

In 2023, MCW, in partnership with Marquette University Dental School and the TMJA, organized the first interprofessional session, bringing dental and medical students together at the college to learn about TMDs. Feedback from both students and staff was positive, prompting some changes and an expansion to include physical therapy in the curriculum. Future efforts may also include new evidence-based research findings as they become available. We also plan to involve medical professionals further by introducing an additional session for third-year medical students.

We are delighted to share an article featured in Marquette Today, which highlights the collaborative efforts of the School of Dentistry and the MCW in bridging the gap to address jaw disorders.

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